International granting: Safe,
low-cost, cross-border impact

Can you imagine a world where you can fund any cause, anywhere with just a few clicks? And a place where the international charities you love can raise donations from anywhere in the world at almost no cost? If you have a heart for the world, we can help your support get there faster, safer, and more cost efficiently than almost anyone else.

TrustBridge Global Foundation (TGF)

NCF and TrustBridge Global

Opportunities to fund charitable activities overseas are numerous, but so are the complexities involved. Not all charities are U.S-based ... or their current process involves high costs. As well, governmental and banking compliance requires that recipients be thoroughly researched to ensure a legitimate structure and charitable purpose. To help you give safely, easily, and efficiently to international charities, NCF has chosen to work with the TrustBridge Global Network.

Getting started with international granting

Charity approval

  1. NCF connects you with one of our team members at TrustBridge, who guides you and your chosen overseas charity through an application process.
  2. The charity sends a completed application to TrustBridge along with a $150 fee (which you can pay from your NCF Giving Fund, if desired).
  3. Our team at TrustBridge helps the charity complete all necessary documentation and approves the charity.
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Grant process

  1. You recommend a grant from your NCF Giving Fund to TrustBridge Global, noting the charity name in the grant notes area.
  2. The grant is sent to the charity, which is assessed a 1% grant fee (minimum of $300 per grant). Typically, a $25 wire fee will apply as well.

How it works


Giver story: International grants in action

When Beth Cayce (pictured left, in the pink shirt) and Sally Gresham started a ministry to train pastors in Kenya, they didn’t expect so many complexities with international granting. It quickly became evident that they would need a reliable solution for sending money overseas. Then, they talked with NCF. “We met with numerous organizations, but NCF had the lowest fee and the highest level of service," says Beth. "They removed the roadblocks to direct international grantmaking, so we've been able to fund training for pastors that have reached over a million Kenyans for Christ.”
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