by Andy Toles  |  July 19, 2016  |   Categories: generosity, local
After 40 years in the wilderness, all Israel assembled to hear the prophet Moses. He had one overriding word for his people: “Remember.” He instructed parents to teach children the story. "They are not just idle words for you--they are ... read full post
As I continue to have the privilege of walking alongside families in their journeys of generosity, I find myself asking this question: why do I think “strategic ... read full post
Givers in the National Christian Foundation Seattle family granted out more than $6M dollars to churches and ministries last year -- Praise the Lord for this generosity! We ... read full post
Last year was a record year for NCF and for NCF Seattle. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and generosity. The most exciting part of our work is to see the evidence ... read full post
Multiply your impact
If you're like most people, almost all of your wealth is tied up in your assets like stocks, business interests, or real estate, while only a fraction is in cash. And yet, all your giving is coming from that tiny piece of the pie. What if you ... read more
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