In honor of generous moms everywhere

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This Sunday, we pay homage to the women who do the hardest job in the world ... moms! So we asked givers from across the country to tell us about their moms and how they’ve inspired them to give. We hope you enjoy these heartfelt tributes. How does your mom inspire you to be generous?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy
In honor of her mom, Cheryl
(Los Angeles, CA)
Pictured together above
My mom is the epitome of caring about someone's heart and investing the time to know it. She has taught me the importance of taking time to communicate, and to me, being generous with your time is one of the greatest gifts.

Norm Caldwell
In honor of his mom, Le Caldwell
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


Jesus blessed me with an amazing mom! To me, my mom is a living reflection of Christ’s love outlined in 1 Corinthians 13. My mom was a faithful, loving wife to my dad for 50 years until he went home to be with Jesus. Mom has been a continual encouragement in my life and in the lives of our entire family. I can clearly remember hearing Mom cheering me on from the bleachers when I young little league player, then through my academic years, and even now in my professional life. 

Most importantly, Mom encouraged and prayed me back to Christ when I felt the most far away from Him during my years living in L.A. In those years, Mom was always faithful to send handwritten letters with prayers and copies of the daily bread. 

Today, as Mom begins to face some of the challenges that come with aging, she is letting Christ’s light shine ever more brightly through her actions. She is doing this by continually giving love and encouragement to her neighbors, the other widows in her church, and the members in our family who need it most. Thank you, Jesus, for my amazing mom!

Susan Kassing
In honor of her mom, Shirley
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 


The word generosity and my mom go together in a priceless way. No question, I am who I am today because of my generously loving mom. Period.

Matt Fredenberg
In honor of his mom, Pam
(Atlanta, GA)


I have a generous mother. Her name is Pam Hodgson, and she has a heart of gold. Growing up, she was always including our friends in family dinners, celebrations, and opened our home to constant sleepovers. I thought this was what every family did, but now I see that she was intentional with really making our friends feel like family when their own homes were broken. My childhood home had an in-law suite, and it seemed to be filled most of the time with someone needing a safe haven. I am now married and have two little children. My prayer is that our home will always be a place of rest, peace, and hope, similar to how I was raised. 

Sean and Brett Stepelton
In honor of their mom, Virlee
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


Our mom inspired us to be generous both intentionally and unintentionally. Intentionally by introducing us to the God of grace, love, and generosity, introducing us to the concept of tithing, and encouraging us to be a part of our family legacy of generosity. She also inspired us unintentionally just by simply watching her life. We have never met anyone more generous with her time, treasure, hospitality, and love of others. It’s one thing to teach generosity to us, but it’s another thing to live it out in everyday life and being a great example of having a generous heart and spirit.    

Amanda Forman
In honor of her mom, Jennifer
(Oxford, England)


Mom is generous in every area: her money, her time, our home, her advice, her love … and so many more. She is a walking example of someone who gives in all areas of her life. I, and so many others, have been blessed by her selfless generosity!

David Baldwin
In memory of his mom, Joan
(Boca Raton, FL)


The greatest gift we can give anyone is to generously love them. As for my mom, she taught me how to love by modeling love as described in 1 Corinthians 13. A letter I wrote to her after her death had these words:

Mom, when I think of you, the only thing I think of is love. You planted the seed of love in every heart that came across your path. Your love was so deep, so powerful, that it was felt with the simple touch of your hand. Thank you for teaching me that love is always patient, always kind, never envious, not proud, not self-serving, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs, always trusting, always persevering, and always protecting. With love, Dave.

Casey Deloach
In honor of his mom, Jacqueline
(Orlando, FL)


My mother has always exuded generosity in word and deed. Her inspiration is the love of Christ, which she has freely received and what motivates her to give.

Jane Bennett
In honor of her mom, Luella
(Boca Raton, FL)


My mom grew up in the Depression on a farm in Minnesota. She was one of six children. They had nothing. When she married an orphaned preachers’ kid at the end of WWII, they joined their “nothings” together. One thing they always did have, however, was an open home for friends and relatives. Since we always lived in tourist destinations, this was frequent. 

My mother-in-law was of the same time period and of the same mindset: “FHB” for others  (family hold back). This was a generosity of self … giving sacrificially for others to feel special. It was the greatest type of generosity … others before self.

Don Campion
In honor of his mom, Esther
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


My Mom is 93 years old, and still trying to serve others and family members as she has all her life. She was a pioneer missionary nurse in Africa for 40 years and with my dad, a doctor, they founded a hospital and raised four of us kids. We learned from mom’s actions and her example to be extremely disciplined, respectful, about the joy of serving others and that one must have a responsibility to one’s self first before being responsible for others.

At the age of 18, mom decided she was going to give her life to serving God and those less fortunate in villages that had no access to medical services. Generosity is a virtue of giving without expecting anything in return, and Mom was generous beyond measure. She gave her life and career to serving others full time at the cost of being separated from family in North America, and while her children were at boarding school, always displaying her love for Christ and living a life of caring, mentoring, and serving others as a missionary. Wow, what a fortunate family we have to be blessed with such a generous mother! 

Clayton Small
In honor of his mom, Diane
(Mansfield, TX)


For as long as I can remember, we have had a beautiful grand piano in our dining room. It was given to us by our great uncle who brought it over from Austria after WWII. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when my mom took me with her to pick out a brand new piano. I was only twelve, but I was smart enough to know the piano in our house was irreplaceable. As we went through the show room, she would sit down at each one, play a little and then ask, “what do you think of this one?” I could tell she was looking for the best.

That afternoon we bought a piano that was never shipped to our house. My mom had it sent as a gift to a little church she went to as a young girl. An infinite number of words could never describe what I learned about my mom that day. The piano was a really big gift, but the gift I received was much bigger. It is the first memory I have in my own giving story. I got to see what true, unselfish generosity looked like that day. The feeling I felt has yet to leave. That moment inspired me. Seventeen years later I can say I live a generous life because my mom demonstrated what it looks like to live generously.

Lowell Dunn
In honor of his mom, Betty
(Delray Beach, FL)
As a rule, mothers play an important role in the life of their sons. My mother is no exception. My mother is not only brilliant in business, strong in moral values, but she is also a silent, compassionate giver. I have been blessed beyond belief with her as a mother, mentor, and role model on how to conduct business and how to treat and help others. Seeing and knowing the joy and peace that she has in helping others inspires me to be more generous.

Roy Moore
In honor of his mom, Betty
(Boca Raton, FL)


My mother has lived out a life of generosity. While she has been financially generous throughout her life, I most treasure her generosity of love and time. Though she was an executive at a time when female executives were few and far between, she was always my mother, with a kind and encouraging word to share, a smile to lift my spirits, and a hand to guide and discipline me. Her example of generosity to me is a legacy of love, integrity, and a servant heart.

Beth Reed
In honor of her mom, Marilyn
(Lutz, FL)


Growing up, I witnessed a lifestyle of generosity in my family. Our home was always the gathering place for my friends from our youth group at church. Many a Sunday night my mother would open her kitchen to us to bake cookies, roast marshmallows and even make triangular, honey-filled sopaipilla, often creating a big mess in the kitchen.

My life was enriched by my mother’s open heart in regard to our home. Missionaries from around the world stayed with us for a night or even weeks at a time as the need dictated. They would share meals around our family table and tell us of faraway places where the Lord was at work. These fascinating places came alive to me, because my mother was willing to share our home with others.

One of my favorite memories of generosity was one Saturday morning when I was about sixteen. Our parents allowed my sister and me to invite about a dozen of our friends for breakfast. This was no ordinary breakfast, though. My dad and mom left our home at about five o’clock in the morning, drove an hour north of our home and cooked breakfast for us in the woods. My friends and I arrived about nine o’clock and the delicious smell of bacon led us to their woodland “kitchen." Cooking over an open fire, they treated us to bacon, eggs, grits and pancakes! I think it was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten ... cooked with love and big hearts.

I’m so grateful for the generous heart my mother shared with me and hundreds of others. She shaped a generous heart in me by living a life of delighted generosity.

Vickie Carver
In honor of her mom, Peggy
(Lutz, FL) 


My mother and I are both very sentimental. Two years ago, she held a garage sale and told me that she was going to use all the money she raised to help a homeless mother that she had encountered. By exercising her gift of generosity, it was much easier for her to let go of things that held that sticky, hard to shake, sentimental value. She and I have used this “trick” on ourselves more and more over the last few years to help us downsize and let go of “stuff.” We say that we are converting our vintage resources into Kingdom treasure. We are having a lot of fun along the way, and we are continuing even in our golden years to learn how to be more generous.

To all the generous moms out there, Happy Mother's Day from the NCF team!

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